Tire Repair Kit FAQ: Which Tire Repair Kit works best?

Which Tire Repair Kit Should I Get?

There are a couple factors that will help you determine which is best suited for you.

  • First you need to see what kind of tires you are running: a tubeless or tube tire?
  • Second, how big of a tire is on your dirtbike/motorcycle/ATV/UTV?
  • Third, what kind of terrain are you going to be riding/driving in?

If you are running bigger tires and are going to be all off-road, we recommend carrying a tire repair kit tools and an air compressor so that you will be able to air up multiple times and even help out your buddy too.

If you are carrying one for peace of mind then the standard tire repair kit or premium tire repair kit would work.

If you are doing the occasional ride then the compact tire repair kit for those just in case situations would work while balancing what you need when the tire puncture occurs.