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V1 Motor

V1 Motor Emergency Portable Mini Air Compressor for Motorcycle/ATV

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A compact, yet mighty portable emergency air compressor is a must-have for anyone who takes their motorcycle or ATV adventures on the road or off the beaten path, where the real fun begins.

  • Compact, lightweight, portable air compressor, perfect for trail riding and long road trips
  • Special features include 26” inflator hose, 6’ power cord, SAE, cigarette lighter, and alligator clips
  • Reliable and versatile, this gadget is a must have for any biking enthusiast
  • The minimalist and bare bones design makes it easy to pack it, use it, and then stow it away
  • Multiple adaptors included to fit any power source, no matter where your adventures take you
  • Measures 7" x 3" x 5" and weighs 12 ounces

Size Matters:
If you’ve ever found yourself stranded on a desolate road or backwoods trail, you swore it would never happen again. Enter the deliberately minimalist and lightweight mini compressor by V1 Motor. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and conveniently under your seat, leaving plenty of valuable storage space for other necessities.

Reliable Performance:
Whether on the interstate or off the grid, safety is paramount and reliability is a necessity. This pocket-sized workhorse is built of high-quality components, and packs a surplus of power to get you back on the trail quickly.

Ready For Anything:
All riders learn to expect the unexpected. A 6’ power cord, 26” inflator hose, and convenient SAE connector to alligator clips, ring terminals and cigarette lighter power adapter ensure you’re prepared in any situation.

Home and Away:
Anyone who’s used this versatile pump appreciates its convenience factor, and knows it comes in equally handy around the house. When the occasion calls for a few more lbs. in a football, a bicycle or scooter tire, this is the only compressor you need.